Take control of User Access Reviews

Tailor your User Access Review program to your users, systems, regulations and risks.

Take the surprises out of your audit reports

RightCrowd IQ is designed to be standard agnostic and focuses on simplifying your access review, compliance and audit program.

The application purely focuses on auditing and reporting who has access to your systems and critical information. Users can instantly assess the health of access compliance across your business and quickly determine where further investigation or remediation is required.

Security and compliance starts with being in control of the basics, so do your User Access Reviews better with RightCrowd IQ.

simplify data collection

Automate data collection and compliance checks for any system.


Across applications, business processes, physical locations or regulations.

make access compliance relevant

Leverage real-time data and make compliance decisions now.


Identify and fix non-compliance before the auditors arrive.

Features of RightCrowd IQ

Get up-to-date data, routinely collected across any system.

Proactively identify access risks and improve compliance.

Digestible access data is available at your finger tips.

Visibility of access across your applications, legacy systems, file shares or portals.

Monitor a range of audit issues without interrupting business processes.

Features for IT Audit and Assurance


Collect access data from applications, legacy systems, file shares or groups.

automated data collection

Up-to-date data, routinely collected from any source in your business.

simplified compliance reporting

Easy reporting in language applications owners understand.

flexible query development

Monitor your security issues without long development lead times.

continuous visibility

Uncover and monitor problem areas.

measure impact

Demonstrate you’re in control of compliance.

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