Achieving Regulatory Compliance is non-negotiable for many organizations.


Achieving Regulatory Compliance is non-negotiable for many organisations. Not only can it result in severe penalties, the resulting reputational damage can be even more difficult to deal with.

Many organisations use home-grown systems and manual processes. It’s made more complex when application owners request information in different formats, and worse when auditors start to drill down on and ask for supporting evidence.

The reality is that the compliance burden isn’t reducing, so organisations need to find smarter ways to get the job done.

‘We’re subject to an array of Regulatory and compliance requirements, and user access is fundamental to all of them. We were looking for a flexible system to generate pre-defined reports that would help us achieve and demonstrate compliance, out of one system’ noted this infrastructure manger for the international arm of a global company.


RightCrowd IQ focuses on auditing and reporting who has access to your systems and critical information. Users can instantly assess the health of access compliance across your business and quickly determine where further investigation or remediation is required.

RightCrowd IQ was deployed to provide capabilities across:

  1. Consistent compliance reporting – a standardised approach, that provides the right information, in the right format every time
  2. Flexible report development – provide the ability to monitor multiple compliance requirements and audit hotpspots
  3. Central system – one system to generate the data across multiple requirements, for different users
  4. Improved audit efficiency – timely data to achieve and validate compliance without stopping the business
  5. Flexible and cost effective – provide the ability to run both periodic campaigns, as well as the spot audits at the click of a mouse


‘RightCrowd IQ makes routine access compliance reporting easy’. ‘We were looking for an easier, cost effective way to generate standard information without stopping every process in the business’ noted a new user of RightCrowd IQ.

The other benefits of RightCrowd IQ included:

  • Reduce the time, complexity and cost of audit – automating the collection of access data, reduces the direct cost of compliance
  • Visualize non-compliance – so that team leaders, applications owners and leadership could see who shouldn’t have access
  • Fix access issues –  get timely access rights data, to fix issues before the audit
  • Improved audit outcomes – actively demonstrate to auditors and the Board that critical compliance issues are being managed