Identify access risks to prevent security breaches.


In many organisations the ‘user population’ is no longer just made up of employees and contractors. Users now include partners, vendors, customers and clients.

This increase in the number, type and method of access has created an ‘identity crisis’ for many companies. In this scenario their current management systems are unable to unify disparate information, which means critical access risks remain invisible.

The reality is that the business needs flexible tools to identify, investigate and action access risks to prevent security breaches.

‘Our business model requires portal-based access for thousands of health providers internationally. We were looking for a flexible system to generate security reports that would help us identify compliance breaches, out of one system’ noted this CIO of a mid-size health services organisation.


RightCrowd IQ focuses on auditing and analysing who has access to your systems and critical information. Users can instantly assess the health of access compliance across your business and quickly determine where further investigation or remediation is required.

RightCrowd IQ was deployed to provide capabilities across:

Automate data collection – a standardised approach, that provides the right information, in the right format every time Flexible report development – provide the ability to monitor multiple security requirements and audit regulatory compliance Central system – one system to generate the data across multiple requirements, for different users Improved audit efficiency – timely data to achieve and validate compliance without stopping the business See the big picture – holistic view of access, to make better security decisions with client service in mind.


‘RightCrowd IQ makes access risks visible’. ‘We were looking for an easier way to gain visibility of critical risks and make security decisions that protect our business and our clients’ information’ noted the CIO of a mid-size health services company.

The other benefits of RightCrowd IQ included:

  • Reduce the time, complexity and cost of audit – automating the collection of access data, reduces the direct cost of compliance
  • Visualize non-compliance – so that team leaders, applications owners and leadership could see who shouldn’t have access
  • Fix access issues –  get timely access rights data, to fix issues before the audit
  • Vendor and standard agnostic – collect and correlate data from any system, and flexibly deliver proactive risk based reporting